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As affiliates of TeenFest, young people from partnering organizations and across Wake and Durham counties can help plan and implement service projects, volunteer at TeenFest (ival), contribute to the TeenFest newsletter, participate in TeenFest TV, and volunteer in the community.


YTlogo photo4webOur newest Teen Partners are affiliated with Youth Thrive, a collaborative partnership of local organizations working together to support youth in becoming productive adults. Youth Thrive is also a co-sponsor of TeenFest 2K13. Upcoming activities for our new teen partners include working at the African American Cultural Celebration, presenting at both TeenFest auditions, presenting at TeenFest 2K13, and helping plan, coordinate and execute the event. They will also be featured in upcoming TeenFest TV vignettes. 









Young adults on the TeenFest Taskforce are quite busy, engaged in activities that are furthering their individual endeavors while lending support to TeenFest and keeping the foundation in full view of agencies that work with teens or care about teen issues.  Here are a few updates...


The CD launch party for Matthew Grady of M16 and the Full Moon Wolves on December 31, 2012 was a huge success! The Station, where the launch party was held, was jam-packed with folks of all ages and backgrounds who had a great time dancing and cheering as Matt performed songs from the CD The Rebellion. Matthew is also working on a video and setting up a tour schedule.  He wrote and performs the TeenFest theme song.  Click the TF Radio tab below to hear some of his music. 



In addition to performing around the state, Timothy "TimMay Rajah" Caldwell produced music videos for TeenFest Performance Troupe members Leviticus, Martika Brooks, and camille and Shaun. In addition to working on his new CD, Cave of Ignorance, he is also producing other local artists.  Look for some of Tim's videos under the "Boom Effect Productions" name posted on TeenFest TV and the TeenFest Youtube Channel. Tim is a member of the TeenFest Performance Troupe.  Click the TF Radio tab below to hear some of Levitucus' music.




Au'Brie McKoy-Marshall is full steam ahead in pursuit of a Master’s degree in Counseling and Educational Development, specializing in Clinical Mental Health.  Her goal is to be a Counselor for a non-profit agency in a low-income community.  She is maintaining "Dean's List" grades and gaining hands-on experience working with special needs populations, grief support groups and adjudicated youth.  She is also refining the TeenFestival elementary curriculum to include information on violence in schools.





camille (all lower-case letters) - currently of Wake Forest NC, but born and raised in Pittsburgh PA, camille is an 18 year old singer whose diverse repertoire draws from the musical traditions of R&B, Jazz, Neo Soul, Pop, Hip hop, Broadway, gospel, and blues. camille has only being singing for 4 years, yet this vocally gifted 5 Octave young singer made her first public performance in 2011 and has won almost every competition that she has entered since then. She performs throughout the state, is part of the TeenFest Performance Troupe and works with younger singing artists, helping them craft their performance skills. camille is a first-semester freshman at Wake Tech Community College and plans to transfer to North Carolina Central University to pursue a bachelor's degree in Theater.




Jared "JayRed" Caldwell is a full-time student at East Carolina University where he is maintaining "Dean's List" grades while performing throughout the Greenville, NC area.  He is a member of the TeenFest Performance Troupe.  Click the TF Radio tab below to hear some of Levitucus' music.





Shonie Taylor is a Meredith College graduate who is currently completing her second degree and licensure in elementary education at North Carolina Central University. She has worked at the YMCA for eight years and is currently a site coordinator for an elementary and middle after school program.  Shonie states, "I believe that non-profit organizations are a great way for humanitarians, educators and charities to come together to do great things.  TeenFest is an organization that I aspired to become part of.  I auditioned years ago and I have seen growth in the program as well as growth in the communities in which they impact.  I began volunteering with TeenFest in 2012 to be part of the growth."